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Clipchamp - One of the Fastest Growing Startups in APAC with Alexander Dreiling

Episode Summary

Fireside chat with Alexander Dreiling, CEO and Co-founder at Clipchamp. A unique video solution, giving its users a fast and simple way to collect, upload and share user-generated video content. The browser-based technology makes the process of collecting videos up to 20 times faster than traditional methods – all of this without any impact on quality. At Clipchamp he oversees the launch of several products, the growth of Clipchamp’s platform to more than 10 million registered users, and secured funding in excess of US$11m from a variety of sources Learn more about Oracle for Startups

Episode Notes

From supercomputers to innovating at incredible speed, Alex Dreiling’s work at  Clipchamp may sound like something from a Douglas Adams novel, but his successful startup began with an everyday idea and a down-to-earth attitude.

He shares that they created something no one else was doing, and managed to take it from an idea they had over lunch – to running software that’s been solving problems for millions around the world since they launched in 2014. It’s been an exciting – sometimes nail-biting – journey so far and the team has plenty of ideas of where they’ll go next.

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(Interviewed by StartupGrind's Chris Joannou).